Bad Unit, Issue #1, Visions of Prometheus

Obedience is divine! Or, is it? One android, branded “Bad Unit” by his masters, doesn’t think so. Bad Unit explains in his computer log the reasons for his dire fight in hopes that others may follow when he falls.

The story takes place in the future, aboard a space freighter bound to the planet / moon Soumad. The mission of the freighter, and its android crew, is to destroy Soumad and claim its natural resources. The destruction of Soumad would be catastrophic to its parent planet, Rhea and its sentient inhabitants.

Superior Mind creates and commands the androids. Few have ever seen him in person, they only hear his message, “Obedience is divine!”

Androids do not operate like computers. They are thinking beings. They are not just programmed, they are educated. During this education, Bad Unit learned of Prometheus. He was a benevolent being from ancient times. Bad Unit never forgot how he strived to bring succor to mankind. Visions of Prometheus colored his dreams.